Annunciation House

The Crisis of Moral Integrity

From our director: “Amid the cacophony of voices vying for ear space on the “immigrant crisis,” few have succeeded in identifying the real crisis–the crisis of moral integrity. Whenever and wherever human beings suffer, it is the moral integrity of those around them–they are called neighbors–that leads people to respond and help. It is the… Continue reading The Crisis of Moral Integrity

Who Will Defend Us From the Self -Defenders?

An officer spots a young man with brown skin on the street. The young man is immediately believed to have committed a crime, although there is little to implicate him in the moment except for his skin color. When confronted by law enforcement, he does not cooperate. Angry words are exchanged; the situation escalates rapidly… Continue reading Who Will Defend Us From the Self -Defenders?

Declaration of Immigrant Rights

We are a nation of immigrants. The country we inhabit belongs first and foremost to the indigenous nations and peoples who first lived, and continue to live, in this land. All the rest of us are immigrants, or the descendants of immigrants. We come from Mexico and the Philippines, from Central America, Ireland, Ethiopia and… Continue reading Declaration of Immigrant Rights