Volunteers are asked to be:

• Available to work at Annunciation House for the minimum commitment period of one year or the entire summer internship. They must be free of any other commitments, responsibilities or obligations.

• At least 20 years of age, in good physical health and able to live simply, accepting working in some very hot and some very cold weather.

• Single or married with no dependents.

• Spanish language skills are not required, but helpful. Non-Spanish speakers must come with a willingness to learn the language.

• Must have the maturity to live and work with adults and persons from other cultures.

• Able to provide or arrange for their own transportation to and from the house at the beginning and end of service period or summer internship.

• Willing and able to commit oneself to the lifestyle, rules, and structures of the house, open to serving in the simplest of ways.

• Willing to fill out, comply with, and return the application used by the house.

• Able to start service on one of the four arrival dates: May 25th, August 1st, November 1st, and February 1st.

Volunteers will be provided with:

• Full room and board.

• A travel stipend for those who complete a full year of service.

• Health insurance (year long volunteers only).

  • a small monthly stipend  to cover basic expenses such as cell phone bill.