El Paso Community Volunteers

At times, Annunciation House makes use of community volunteers. These are people from the local community who make themselves available for a few hours each week to do a guest-servant shift, help in the office, and/or work on specific projects such as building maintenance, car maintenance, or guest recreation. You can access the community volunteer application here.

Annunciation House is seeking community volunteers who can offer a few hours of their time each week for one of the following tasks:
8-Hour Shift. Currently, our priority are community volunteers who can commit to an 8 hour time block each week for a minimum of three months.

  • As the operation of the house is the essential component in every volunteer’s schedule, it is essential that community volunteers will arrive consistently and on time.
  • Annunciation House is open from 6AM to 10PM every day, with volunteers taking shifts from 6AM to 2PM and 2PM to 10PM.
  • Shift entails running the shelter while other volunteers undertake case management, staff meetings and other responsibilities.
  • Duties include screening new guests, answering the phone and door, accepting donations, ensuring meals are prepared on time, ensuring chores are completed by guests, playing games with children, cleaning, handling any emergencies, and being available for anything that may come up.
  • Another volunteer is always available at all times via phone to answer questions.
  • Energy, desire and enjoyment of working with people from all walks, and high level Spanish proficiency are a must.

Organizing/sorting/cleaning. If you are interested in working with the house but cannot commit to 8 hours a week, we could also use assistance in sorting and organizing donations on a weekly basis for 2-3 hours.

Special Skills. Any volunteers with specialized skills- legal, electricity/ plumbing, car maintenance etc.– are also encouraged to apply.