Year-Long and Summer Volunteer Applications

The complete application consists of:

  • Application Form (PDF OR Word doc. PLEASE NOTE: At this time, you cannot save information typed into the PDF application. If you wish to submit your application electronically, please use the Word doc. The PDF may be printed out and filled in by hand.)
  • 4 references ( PDF or Word doc), preferably one from each of the following: 1) Pastor, minister, spiritual director, or mentor; 2) Employer, academic advisor or instructor, or supervisor; 3) Adult member of your immediate family; 4) Individual (other than a family member) of your choosing. References may email their forms separately; please ask them to put your name in the email subject line.
  • Medical Form
  • Recent Photograph
  • Mental Health Reference Form  (if appropriate; see application)
  • Background Check. This can be obtained from your local police department or your state. Most cities and states have online request systems. It can be mailed directly to us (address below).

To apply electronically, download the forms from the links above, then email the completed files along with a current picture of yourself to the Volunteer Coordinator (obtain email address using the contact form, above right, under ‘Contact’). Please send only in Word (doc) or PDF format; no jpeg files or photo images of the application, as these are difficult to read.

Download the free application,  Adobe Acrobat Reader, if you don’t have it already.

You can also obtain or submit a paper application with the Volunteer Coordinator at at 815 Myrtle Ave, El Paso TX 79901.  Acceptance of volunteers is based on the guidelines listed under “Requirements”.

Community Volunteer Application

  • Community Volunteer Application. (Please print and fill in.)
  • Background check (from the local El Paso police department is fine)
  • Two reference letters: preferably one from an employer or supervisor and one from a pastor, mentor, spiritual director or counselor