Short-Term Volunteering (Updated 1/5/20 with new arrival dates)

Due to need, Annunciation House is now seeking short-term volunteers to work in our houses of hospitality in the months of December and January. Help may be needed in later months as well, but we are trying to schedule volunteers only about two months in advance due to the unpredictability of the need.

Volunteer requirements:
-two-week minimum time commitment (no exceptions)
-at least 20 years old
-able to arrive on a designated Saturday to start working on a Sunday (see below)
-good physical health
-willingness to do whatever is needed
-Spanish is immensely helpful but not required; however, non-Spanish-speakers should know that their interactions with guests may be limited

Available starting dates*:
January 12, 2020 (arrive on Jan. 11)
January 26, 2020 (arrive on Jan. 25) (arrival date full)
February 9, 2020 (arrive on Feb. 8) (arrival date full)
February 23, 2020 (arrive on Feb. 22) (arrival date full)
March 8, 2020 (arrive on March 7)
March 22, 2020 (arrive on March 21)
*Note: due to the time and effort it takes to train and integrate new volunteers, we are instituting these specific starting dates so that we can group and orient people together. This applies to both new and returning volunteers. The one exception is that if you have volunteered at either Casa del Refugiado or Casa Oscar Romero within the last year, you do not need extensive training and may arrive any day.

For more information: first, please click on the link below (PDF) and read carefully. For further questions or to apply, please email our short-term volunteer coordinator, Maria: . Please note that due to the volume of emails we receive, it may take 5-7 days for you to receive a reply from our coordinator. (Further application instructions are in PDF.)