Fundraising Event Ideas


Fundraising can feel awkward, as it can be uncomfortable to ask family, friends, co-workers, or your church community for money. But as the voice of Annunciation House in your community, a fundraiser can allow you to share the stories of the house and our guests, and to provide others with the opportunity to share in the mission.

Here are a few ideas for fundraising events. You might have better ideas, and if you do, please let us know!

Solidarity Dinner (or breakfast, or lunch): You can serve the A-House classic (beans and rice!) or anything else your guests will enjoy. You can start the meal with a prayer that calls attention the plight of migrants, or you can raise a toast as everyone is eating. Before or after the dinner, take the opportunity to show an Annunciation House video, and reflect on why you support the organization. For this dinner, you can either collect a donation for people to attend, or you can ask people to give whatever they can. You might consider having a large envelope addressed to Annunciation House where people can anonymously place their checks.

  • You can also fundraise at this event by selling goods/services. For example:
  • Collect favorite recipes from you and your friends and copy them into a booklet
  • Auction off in-kind services, such as babysitting, cleaning, or gardening, that you and your friends donate in-kind; or a silent art auction
  • Sell justice for the immigrant t-shirts

Guest Speaker: In addition to or in lieu of the dinner, invite guests to come meet a guest presenter or a panel discussion. Possible presenters who might be willing to provide their time in-kind would be local religious leaders, community activists, a successful local immigrant or professors from a nearby college with relevant areas of expertise. Have them speak about migration, and ask your guests for a donation to Annunciation House to come join in the discussion.

Get Children Involved: Have parochial school classrooms compete against each other filling up jars for a week, the class wins an ice cream party and donates the rest. Children can put on a play about immigration and charge admittance. A summer carnival for kids with water games might be fun in June or even charge $5 to throw water balloons at the youth leader.

Game Night: Organize a game tournament, such as Monopoly, Poker, or Scrabble. Everyone pays to play, with the winner receiving a share of the money and the rest going to Annunciation House.

“Simplify Your Life” Yardsale: Ask friends to donate items for a yard sale, with the profits going to Annunciation House. This is a good way to remove clutter from your life while generating donations for A-house. This could either be a physical yard sale or a virtual sale on sites like ebay and craigslist.

Be Creative and Involve Others: Show “Under the Same Moon,” “Sin Nombre” or• and charge $9 like the local theater. Have friends participate in saving money for one month of eating out or buying clothes and donate that. Have a walk across town with pledges. Have a fashion show where guests guess the time period and the country the immigrant is from for little prizes. Potters can make bowls and have beans and rice to support A House. Have a bake sale at church, work, or school with international items. Create a progressive meal (at each different place tell the story of an immigrant – at church or nearby homes.)

These are several examples of the ways you can be the voice of Annunciation House in your community, advocating on behalf of our guests while helping to insure that the organization has the resources it needs to serve our brothers and sisters in migration.

Please let us know what you do and how it goes, and we’ll share your good ideas with others.