Serving the Poor in Migration Since 1978

BREAKING NEWS. Annunciation House is one of four shelters that will be providing hospitality to reunited families that were detained and separated by ICE in the last few months. We expect to receive 1000 families in the next week or two. We urgently need your support to help us provide meals, clothing, transportation and housing costs for these guests. Financial donations are the most helpful as they allow us to purchase exactly what we need, and free our volunteers from the work of sorting, transporting, and storing material donations. We humbly thank you for your help.

Photo credit: Ruben Ramirez of the El Paso Times.* Used with permission.

Annunciation House is a house of hospitality located in El Paso, Texas. Deeply embedded in and shaped by the US-Mexico border region, we provide basic services and accompaniment to the poorest of the poor, who appear to us most frequently in the form of migrants and refugees. We are a nonprofit, volunteer organization.

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*The El Paso Times is not involved in our fundraising or other efforts.