Latest Updates on Short-Term Volunteer Needs

Since late June, the numbers of refugees we are receiving has dropped dramatically, to a fairly steady 200 per day in the last month or so. Even with the lower numbers, Annunciation House can still use some temporary help. If you’ve been following our efforts, you will note that the main difference in the requirements listed below is that we are now requiring a minimum two-week commitment even from fluent Spanish speakers.


  • 2 WEEK MINIMUM TIME COMMITMENT – It takes time and effort to train a new volunteer and it takes a few days before that person can really be helpful. Therefore we request a minimum two-week time commitment–no exceptions.
  • Age: volunteers must be at least 20 years old.
  • Language: some Spanish preferred, though not required. People with limited Spanish should know that their interaction with guests will be limited.
  • Willingness to do whatever is needed (within your capabilities).
  • Overall good health.

We are ALWAYS accepting applications for year-long volunteers!

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