Stay of Removal for Emilio Gutierrez

Here is an update from Linda Rivas, Executive Director and Managing Attorney of Las Americas:

Yesterday at around 9:15am, ICE informed me that they planned to immediately deport my client, Mexican Journalist, Emilio Gutierrez and his son. I asked ICE to allow a Motion to Reopen that is before the Immigration Judge to be adjudicated before such a decision was made. ICE could not confirm whether or not they would accept the filing of a Stay of Removal from me on behalf of my client but they stated I was allowed try.

Las Americas immediately began to compile the Stay of Removal. Through the day phones calls with ICE led to inconsistent messaging. At one point they indicated that the Stay could be adjudicated immediately and Emilio and his son could be deported. I shared the need to call ICE via email to potentially influence them in allowing me to the file the Stay to a small group that has been helping us with Emilio led by Julie Schoo at the National Press Club.

ICE accepted the filing of our Stay and placed Emilio and his son on an ankle monitor. I immediately emailed the group letting them know the stay had been accepted. We updated people in an effort to not spread panic. It is my understanding that our latest updates may not have shared widely and this morning a mass email went out that alarmed people, people who support Emilio and have been following him closely.

Emilio is still at risk of deportation. There are remedies that exist for him in court and we are asking ICE to allow him to exhaust those remedies and to consider the imminent harm Emilio is in. Due to this harm we are not willing to go to media at this time.

Currently Las Americas represents Emilio before ICE. Eduardo Beckett, private attorney in El Paso, Texas represents Emilio before the Immigration Judge. We are doing everything we can to ensure Emilio and his son are able to safely remain in the United States.

We thank all those who are concerned for Emilio and his son. I do not believe calls to ICE are necessary at this time. Please stay tuned for official statements by Las Americas as ICE could render a negative a decision any moment.

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