City of Santa Fe to receive 2017 Voice of the Voiceless Award

On February 21, the Santa Fe City Council unanimously approved a resolution reaffirming the city’s status as a welcoming community for immigrants and refugees. This vote continues a city tradition of welcoming immigrants and refugees dating back to their first resolution in 1985, which established Santa Fe as a “city of refuge” for refugees from El Salvador and Guatemala. The 1985 resolution also included a non-discrimination clause that stated the city would not discriminate on the basis of national origin or immigration status, and declared that no city resources would be used to identify or apprehend anyone on the sole basis of immigration status.
The February 21st vote reaffirms a 1999 resolution that restricted cooperation between the police and federal immigration authorities by not honoring ICE detainer requests. The city affirmed that this policy established a trusting relationship with the immigrant community, and continues to contribute to the safety and well-being of city residents.
This timely resolution comes in an era of fear mongering toward the immigrant community, especially with the recent executive order signed by Donald Trump on January 25th which threatens to withhold federal funding from cities with sanctuary policies. In the face of this order, the city of Santa Fe has bravely and boldly reaffirmed its commitment to being a safe place for people of all nationalities and statuses. The city recognizes that the safety and well-being of their residents would be undermined if they abandon this longstanding position, and is choosing to value the well-being of its citizens over funding. For its boldness and bravery, the Board of Directors of Annunciation House is recognizing the City of Santa Fe as a model of this year’s Voice of the Voiceless theme, Resist! Be Sanctuary!
The award will be presented at the annual Solidarity Dinner to be held on Saturday, April 29 at Amistad Hall, 518 Gallagher Street, El Paso, Texas. For tickets and more information, click here.
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