Keep the Doors Open

For 38 years, the triangular red-brick building of Annunciation House has been both a symbol and a center for hospitality to the migrant and the refugee. Now over a hundred years old, the building is in desperate need of repairs: new mortar, a renovated kitchen, new duct work, reroofing, improved compliance with modern building standards, and more.

This May, for the first time in its history, Annunciation House is launching a capital campaign to raise the $1 million dollars that our contractor estimates we need to keep the building habitable for our guests. We ask for your support, whether through financial contributions, volunteering your time, or helping us spread the word.

View our crowdfunding page here to make a one-time contribution. This initial effort to raise $50,000 will provide seed money for us to seek larger grants from foundations.

Visit our secure donation site to set up a recurring donation.

Projections of names on Annunciation House

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