Press Conference Today-Stop Abuse of Asylum Seekers

The violence in Mexico has obligated many families to flee and seek protection (Asylum or Withholding of Removal) in the United States. In law and procedural field manuals, individuals “expressing fear” at Ports of Entry or upon detention within the U.S. have the right to seek protection and must be afforded the opportunity to a Credible Fear Interview.

Disturbing examples where this right is denied and or manipulated have surfaced. They include:

  • Migrants, who upon being detained within the U.S. and express fear, being denied Credible Fear Interviews and instead removed to Mexico, the country they’re fleeing.
  • Criminal Prosecution of migrants who make subsequent attempts to seek protection in the U.S. after initially being denied Credible Fear Interviews.
  • Intimidation of Asylum petitioners at Ports of Entry by threatening family separation, long periods of detention, and the removal and detain of minor children from parents.

Join us today at 10:30 am for a press conference to bring attention to this issue. The conference will be held at Casa Vides (325 Leon St, El Paso TX 79901).

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