On the Long Road to Peace

This summer, Mexico’s Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity will lead a caravan across the United States to call for an end to the drug war. Led by Javier Sicilia–the Mexican activist, poet, and Annunciation House’s 2012 Voice of the Voiceless recipient–the caravan will begin its journey in San Diego and will visit two dozen cities on its way to Washington, D.C. Their route through the United States invites us to acknowledge the role of this country in the tragedy unfolding in Mexico today: the very idea of waging a ‘war on drugs’ began in the U.S., and drug consumption by Americans keeps demand and profits high. Yet the cost of this war has been borne overwhelmingly by our neighbors to the south.

Will you join the Movement? Maybe the caravan is coming to a city near you; come out and show your support, or   click here and sign up to volunteer. Maybe you feel called to contribute toward the caravan’s travel costs; it’s easy to do so here. Maybe you would just like to learn more. You can visit the Movement’s website, or read what the caravan’s sponsor, Global Exchange, has to say.

Walk with us.


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