A Brief Respite in Violence as Pope Visits Mexico

It seems almost too absurd be true: a Mexican drug cartel that has terrorized the central Mexican state of Michoacan announced this past week that it will suspend any ‘violent actions’ for several days in honor of the visit of Pope Benedict XVI. (Listen to the NPR story here, or read Salon’s coverage of the declarations.)

While we must be grateful for any decrease in the violence, this ‘truce’ only serves to underscore the sheer arrogance and brutality of the cartel, an offshoot of the powerful group called La Familia. Should these murderers be applauded for the high regard that they pretend to have for the leader of the Catholic Church?

When will they show an ounce of respect for the Church’s ultimate Leader, who said “Blessed are the peacemakers”? Whatever happened to “Thou shall not kill?”

It is our hope that Pope Benedict will speak out courageously and prophetically against the violence that grips Mexico, and the men that perpetrate that violence. We pray for the true conversion of these killers: not a brief pause in the violence, done for effect, but lasting peace.

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