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A Step Toward Justice for Salvadoran General

Last week, an immigration judge in Florida ruled that General Carlos Eugenio Vides Casanova, former Defense Minister of El Salvador and a current U.S. resident, may be deported to stand trial for his involvement in murders and torture during the … Continue reading

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Fr. Roy Bourgeois Arrested at Border Crossing

At about 11:30 AM on Sunday, February 19, members of the Border Patrol arrested Maryknoll priest and SOA Watch founder Roy Bourgeois, and Nico Udu-Gama, SOA Watch staff member, after they participated in a non-violent action protest by the border … Continue reading

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A “Scizophrenic Relationship” Between Annunciation House and ICE

Friends and family sometimes ask Annunciation House volunteers, “How is it that the house hasn’t been shut down by Immigration and Customs Enforcement? Do they not know about you?” The answer: not only do they know, but they need us. … Continue reading

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“Self-Deportation”: A Policy of Misery

When Mitt Romney suggested “self-deportation” as a kinder, gentler method of immigration enforcement, he failed to acknowledge what this policy would actually mean for undocumented people (and families of mixed documented status) living in the US today: increased fear, increased … Continue reading

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