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The website has been going through some big changes.First off, we’ve added a wonderful video called A Place at the Table. Please watch it and share it with your friends, your chruch, and especially anyone looking for volunteer opportunities.

I visited Annunciation House this August for the first time in more than twenty years. A local photographer/artist, Carlos Gutierrez, took a lot of photos of the house and all its activities. So you’ll be seeing those throughout the site. Also, I met with all of volunteers and there is going to be a concerted effort about getting them directly involved in the site.


The site has been woefully out of site and disjointed. I’ve now removed any distinction between a previous version of the site and the blog. We are using Word Press blog software. This will make it easy for people to make contributions to the site by signing them up as a writer or an editor.

It will also be easier for our audience to get alerts and updates by subscribing to the blog. Please click on the orange button below to subscribe to the blog’s RSS Feed.

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Having an RSS feed is a wonderful way for us to get our message out quickly. The idea is that a subscriber can set up a cell phone to display need blog entries as they come.. or even a blind person can access the content of our blog through devices they have to read blog entries.

The more permanent information on the site (board members, contact info) is due for a complete overhaul. Some information there that is no longer accurate. That is getting updated now. So stand by.

After getting the site functioning, and the basic facts about the house accurate, we’ll be having more dynamic content. Some of the volunteers expressed an interest in contributing to a daily blog. Who had a baby… group outings…what has fallen apart and needs fixing. Or just daily musings from the volunteers. Nothing too deep on their own but toghether might paint a picture of how things are going at the houses.

Another blog idea that is getting kicked around is having the AH staff respond to, corroborate (or not) reports in the news media regarding US/Mexican border issues. I for one would really value the input from these folks that are in the trenches in El Paso.

Thanks for your patience.
Mike Connor – web site administrator

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